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Top 5 Most Common Types of Attorneys Lawyers usually specialize in at least one area of the law and may refer you to other lawyers if your case is beyond their area(s) of specialization. Even though the types of specialties in law are many and varied, you need to learn about the different kinds of lawyers to get a better idea of what many of these legal experts do. Below is an overview of each of the 5 most common legal experts, without following any order. Personal Injury Attorney
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Getting injured can change your life dramatically and can lead to severe physical pain and suffering in addition to serious financial troubles. Fortunately, if you’re injured as a result of someone else’s bad error or negligence, your injury lawyer can file a suit in order to recover your damages. Even though personal injury attorneys work on a wide variety of injuries, most of the cases they work on have to do with automobile accidents.
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Criminal Defense Counsel Criminal defense counsels defend persons accused of committing crimes, when they’re prosecuted by the state or federal government, with the intention of helping them avoid custodial sentence or minimizing their sentence. Criminal defense advocates handle a broad range of offences, from minor crimes like shoplifting to major crimes like murder, assault and battery, drug trafficking, and driving under the influence (DUI). Family Law Attorney Perhaps you have a clue as to what a family law attorney does. A family attorney deals with anything that has to do with family matters. Family lawyers typically deal with issues such as prenuptial arrangements, divorce, custody battles, in addition to other matters surrounding marriage and kids, but they sometimes handle family or estate planning. Even though some lawyers only deal with family and divorce law, a majority of them handle all areas relating to family law. Tax Lawyer If you have issues with your personal or business income taxes, for example, being charged with tax fraud or when being audited, you might need a tax lawyer. Also, a tax attorney can help you lower your tax liability in addition to minimizing the amount you must pay as tax. Depending on how serious your case is, a tax lawyer can also talk on your behalf with the IRS, something very few legal professionals are permitted to do. Employment and Labor Attorneys Employment and labor law attorneys do just what their name implies; they handle issues having to do with employment. They mainly work on making sure that businesses act in accordance with state and federal labor laws. Call upon an employment and labor attorney if you have problems at work such as wrongful dismissal, discrimination, or contravention of labor laws. If you’re giving serious thought to reporting the company you work for for gross violation, then an employment and labor attorney can also see to it that you’re protected under the law as a whistle-blower.

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