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Posted by: headm on: November 8, 2015

4 Facts for the Sports Fan Alabama Most people don’t know this but states have official state sports. Well the majority of them do anyway. Michigan has refused to jump on that bandwagon. But Alabama does, however, and it’s a fairly surprising one. When you consider the weather in Alabama and what many of the residents there like to do for fun, you might think Alabama’s state sport would be fishing or maybe football. But it is none of those; it’s figure skating. Since temperatures have rarely reached freezing in Alabama, it’s is pretty weird that anything to do with ice would be their state sport Math Tests And Tennis
Short Course on Teams – Getting to Square 1
For years people have complained about the way tennis matches are scored. Silly, nonsensical, ridiculous and crazy are just some of the words people use to describe the tennis scores. Although you need forty points to win a match, you only need three. Tennis players get points in ten point increments. Well, unless it’s your first point and then you get fifteen points for that. And players don’t have zero points or nil points before they get on the board either. In tennis zero points is represented by the word love.
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Yes, the scoring system is a little crazy, I’ll admit. Interestingly, students who play tennis score considerably less on math test across the country. The big joke is that tennis scoring has made it hard for them to understand sensible math. Athletes and Academics Many athletes are also smart but yet there persist an idea that athletes aren’t very good at academics. Whether athletes are lighter in the smarts department can be debated but what cannot be debate is that colleges place having great athletes above having great students. Although college have minimum requirements in order for athletes to play, it is very common for schools to help athletes bypass these requirements they can play. But this wasn’t always the case. Before 1925 students had to study during half-time break. It’s too bad for tennis player, however, that today schools only seemed interested in helping football and basket players scam the system. The Heisman All young football players dream of getting the Heisman Trophy. It is given for many things including integrity. But the man who the trophy is named after, once did one of the most unsportmanship-like things ever. While coaching he allowed his team at Georgia Tech to defeat the opposing team by 222 points.

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