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Posted by: headm on: October 17, 2013

3 March 3, Celtics legend Bill – Walton spoof on Twitter in Miami, he said the Miami Heat signed Juwan – Howard signed a prehistoric creatures and ridicule Knicks sent telegram to congratulate the Miami Heat signed a young man. In addition, Walton quipped Miami thing most want to see as blossom –

Juwan Howard understand pension

Today, the Miami Heat with a 10-day contract signed Howard, cheap nfl jerseys, this news came out, the old Walton began spoof, he was first on Twitter, said: “This is rolling on the floor laughing my a. Thank you, King of Comedy.’s official: Miami and Juwan – Howard signed a 10-day contract. “Obviously, the old Wharton that Miami signed Howard’s move somewhat funny.

Howard has 40 years old, he will become the oldest player third in the league, behind Kurt – Thomas and Grant – Hill. Old Walton quipped that: “Heat team signed Howard, ultimately the decision was made between two prehistoric creatures options: Howard and Greg – Greg Oden, Howard does not understand how to do an elderly, you should Winter comes to move back to Florida, rather than the end of the winter. “

Knicks sent a congratulatory message

According to statistics, in today’s league, there are 19 players older than Howard’s son is still small, continue to take this old Wharton Age ridicule: “Knicks Miami Heat’s management sent a congratulatory message to: ‘ Congratulations to you all signed a young man. ‘Howard became the second oldest player Heat squad, the first is the old Chris – Bosh, and now he has a 6500 Viva. “

Miami select Howard indeed some surprising, after all, before they have a lot of options, such as with the Bulls signed Louis – Amundsen. Old Walton continued ridicule: “Hear his old Miami Heat after signing former teammate, Chris – Weber shocked shouted out ‘pause’. Unfortunately, he did not pause to shout in fact a week ago, the Miami Heat it signed Howard and told him via e-mail, but the only way to communicate between them is e-mail. “

Heat vigilance as flowering

The question now is, Howard soon give Miami much help? After all, he is 40 years old, and so long did not play. In this regard, the Celtics move seems more reasonable, although they signed a three CBA foreign aid, cheap nfl jerseys, but after the three men had been playing the game in the physical condition and have always maintained a good state. This also allows the old Wharton worried: “Miami is deliberately jump first Harlem Swing they sign Howard, and they want to see things that as blossom.”

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