Yard Ramps Are The Perfect Solution If Your Business Lacks A Loading Dock

Posted by: headm on: August 2, 2015

If your business lacks a loading dock, but still needs to send shipments out via freight trucks, the easiest solution is to purchase yard ramps for your business. A yard ramp is a portable ramp that attached to the loading dock of a semi truck and allows you to send out shipments via freight truck.

Copperloy provides some of the best ramps for yard on the market. They are made out of either aluminum or steel. Most ramps can hold up to 30,000 pounds of weight at one time. Some of their steel ramps can even hold up to 50,000 pounds at one time.

The ramp is easy to move around your loading area. You need a forklift to move the ramp and position it where you want it. In order to move the ramp, you just need to insert a positing sleeve at the bottom of the ramp, and then your forklift can do the rest of the work. The positioning sleeve can easily be stored on the side of the ramp.

It is easy to adjust the height of the ramp as well. It is equipped with a dual action hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump allows you to adjust the height of the ramp from 37 inches off the ground up to 65 inches off the ground by the use of the pump handle. The pump handle has an easy storage place on the side of the ramp.

The ramp has a large lift that allows rests nicely on the back of the freight truck and allows for a smooth transition from the ramp to the truck. Safety allows comes first though. The ramp come with 8 ft. safety chains to securely attach the ramp to the truck and ensure the ramp does not move.

All ramps are built with safety curbs to ensure the forklift or other loading tools do not run off the ramp. The ramp is made out of steel and has slits in it to allow rain and snow to fall through the cracks. This guarantees that the ramps will not become slippery, wet or frozen when their is rain and snow.

A Copperloy yard ramp is a great way to create a loading dock area if you do not have one. They are built to the highest standards with safety in mind.

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