Women Want To Know About The Effectiveness Of Yacon Syrup For Men

Posted by: headm on: November 13, 2013

Yacon is a vegetable that is an integral part of the South American Andean diet. Syrup is often extracted from the root vegetable to serve as a weight loss tool. The team at the Dr. Oz show even conducted an experiment to see just how effective it is.

Forty women completed the trial within a twenty-eight day period. The women took one teaspoon of yacon syrup for men with every meal during this time, without changing their diet or exercise habits. Twenty-nine of the 40 women lost weight after the trial was over, and 14 of these individuals lost 5 or more pounds. The total weight loss for the entire group was 153 pounds, and more than half of the women said they would recommend yacon as a weight loss supplement.

In addition to the natural ingredient’s ability to help people lose weight, yacon syrup men also helps to balance the blood sugar, which is essential for people with conditions like insulin resistance. Yacon helps to feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut as well, which makes digestion easier and helps to soothe the stomach which can prevent bloating and discomfort.

Yacon syrup men is generally a safe supplement for those who want to both lose weight and add more fiber to their diets. Women who are nursing or pregnant are encouraged to talk to their doctors before using it for weight loss.

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