Will CNA Salary Vary Within Every State?

Posted by: headm on: June 26, 2012

The wages of a certified nursing assistant will vary greatly in different states. The average cna salary will be higher in bigger metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles. Likewise, the salary for a veteran experienced certified nursing assistant will also be higher, due to more experience on the job. Employers see workers with more experience, as more valuable and thus will offer higher compensation to them. If you obtain your CNA training in a college or institution that is highly looked upon, you will also receive a much higher remuneration in general.

CNAs working in hospital facilities and nursing homes, also get a higher salary than those working as nurse aides in private patient residences. If you are working as a CNA in an intensive care unit, you can also look forward to a higher income potential. If you are the type of person who is really attracted to serving people and attending to their needs, you will find working as a certified nursing assistant to be enormously worthwhile. You will have the chance to interact daily with doctors and nurses. Another option you can s=consider is just starting your career as a CNA and continuing your education to move up the ladder as a licensed practical nurse.

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