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Posted by: headm on: November 5, 2015

A Guide to Marketing Research What do you do when you have thought of something great for a product which you believe will capture the hearts and minds of consumers at large? Is there a service that you can offer to the public which no one has yet provided and you feel that it is desperately needed? You might feel that this is your opportunity and want to jump right in. Find out if there is a market for your product or services before embarking on your business ideas. And aside from checking if there is a market, you need to fine tune where necessary. In other words you first need to conduct market research. Because of unwillingness to hear negative feedback, a lot of business owners have neglected this very important step in product development. Many business owners believe that they already have that best as is and don’t want to take risks or alter anything in the business. Expense is another reason why some businesses refuse to do market research. Because they are already spending much on start-up costs, many entrepreneurs would not want to spend more on market research only to prove what they knew all along, that their product is a winner. The success of the business is largely dependent upon market research and entrepreneurs need to do this regardless of their reasons. A lot of companies do not care to look at important information simply because they are too eager to release their product in the market. The best companies out there are the ones who have done their homework is assessing the market before putting out their products or services.
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There is a primary and secondary data to retrieve in market research. When you gather information from your potential customers you are actually getting primary data. There are a lot of methods of gathering primary data and that is by the business owner himself, or somebody hired by him to conduct surveys, focus groups and other methods. Secondary data is derived from organizations and government agencies which would include statistics, reports, studies, and other data.
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The majority of research you can find will be secondary research. With a lot of free information out there, entrepreneurs on a tight budget can still do market research like the large companies, except that these pay big for theirs. You can go to your local library and the internet to start with your information gathering. Much of market research nowadays can be conveniently conducted online where there are a lot of online services and information that can be retrieved. Business owners should consider market research an investment in their future. If you make adjustments to your products and services now, based on your market research results, then you will be saving money in the long run.

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