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Why Auto Glass Is A Critical Part Of A Car It is the windshield of your car that serves as a safety measure in case of a rollover or collision after an accident. With regards to windshield replacement, it is necessary that you only use excellent quality auto glass. Windshields that are well installed act as the backboard for passenger side airbag. It additionally supports the roof of the car, which prevents it from collapsing and protecting the passengers inside the car if it rolls over. The automotive glass can either be non genuine or genuine otherwise known as OEM. The leading car manufacturers are trusting genuine auto glass to maintain perfect quality controlled windshield, which is perfect for their cars. The OEM glass suppliers splash out billions of investments in its R & D department, with the utilization of a computer assisted engineering as well as design programs in an effort to maintain the windshield’s quality for their cars. Each and every OEM glass is going through extremely thorough and meticulous process. The auto glass produced by the OEMs fit consistently and follows similar standard of finish as what the original glass installed.
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There are relative quality differences between non genuine and genuine auto glass. The thing is, it raises the question of why anyone would visit a shop that is supplying aftermarket glass when you have to replace the windshield. In reality, non genuine glass create replicas or the copies of OEM glass. These copies are varying slightly in terms of designs, trademarks and patents from the OEM glass. Suppliers of non OEM glass are making small changes to the products in order to bluff their consumers, which are extremely hard to differentiate.
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There are lots of auto glass shops that are using non genuine parts as it’s much cheaper than original parts. Most of the time, the consumers are not aware about the inferior quality of the glass. New car manufacturers don’t welcome aftermarket glass for the warranty claims. It is not uncommon for non genuine glass to have problems with finish and fit similar to water leaks, stress cracks and air leaks. Whether you believe it or not, more than half of the automotive glass that are installed on cars are done incorrectly. It is critical to take note that excellent quality windshield provide as much as 45 percent of the cabin’s structural integrity. If the customers have switched to OEM glass with the assistance of a skilled and experienced technician, it’ll complete the installation procedure safely.

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