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Posted by: headm on: January 27, 2015

Choosing the Right Safety Razor Going out to look for a safety razor that will best suit your needs, it is important to consider two very important factors. These are the two most important factors that need to be considered when out in search for the right safety razor that will suit your needs and produce reliable results for you. The handle size of the razor comes into play here since in shaving your face, you get to hold the razor with your hand. It is therefore to consider which type of handle works best for you. As much as most people prefer those with long handles, it is actually a matter of preference and the size of your hands, therefore, a person with big hands, it would be unrealistic to go for a short handle razor and vice versa. A good razor should be easy and comfy to hold when moving it around your face while shaving. Next in line is the weight of the razor. There is a high possibility of cutting yourself as you shave in both cases as one inadvertently tends to apply a lot of pressure on the razor, forgetting that it is sharp and can easily cut your skin.
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Next you have to check the blade exposure. Ensure that the gap between blades and safety bar is equal and steady since this proportionately affects the mildness of sharpness of the blade. Uneven gaps will often result in you cutting yourself as you shave.
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In case you have problems or do not know how to adjust the space between the safety bar and the blades, it would be best to go for the “fixed head” razor. With this razor, there is no adjusting of the blades since they are fixed permanently. The shape of your face is another one of the factors that needs looking into. Different people have different face sizes, from wide, small to slim, the razor needs to be appropriate for example a wide face will do well with a razor that has a large head. You could also decide to go with a rough handle razor or smooth handle. for those whose grip are slippery, they could take a razor that has a handle with criss-crossing patterns which enhance the roughness of the handle and improves grip. The type of safety razor should be able to shave your rough or soft beard perfectly without malfunctioning. The type of safety razor you choose need to give you a great and clean shave and can handle the type of beard you have and If you have a sensitive skin the type of razor should be gentle on your skin. To avoid any eventual undesirable effects on your facial, you need to properly understand your hair type, and skin since they are the parts likely to be affected as a result of a bad safety razor.

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