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Posted by: headm on: April 21, 2015

Tips to Doing a Better Barbecue There is more to making a good barbecue than low and slow cooking of the meat. Tips exists on how to bring the flavor desired by most people. It involves careful application of sauces and rubs. The right timing and method of application also influenced the results. Following the tips below can help you create a specialty, as you have not done in a long while. You need to start by maximizing on the flavors that you need included in you meat. This means that you need to do more than pounding the spices into powder by preparing them well. Get whole spices that you can preheat ad then extract the flavors as they are. Use a spice grinder or heavy pot to grind the spices into fine powder that will be used to create the rub and give your marinade a fresh perspective. Building your own rub is important when barbecuing. Stick to the basics of rub creation, which includes using heat, color and spice. You are free to use any spices that you think bring out desired flavors. Some of the most common flavors include coffee grounds, dried-ground apple, as well as pepper.
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While creating the right rub for the meat is important, make sure that you also know what amount of these rub is enough for the barbeque. Every piece of meat that you intend to barbecue requires different amounts of spices. It is advisable to apply the rub slowly and stop when the meat seems evenly covered and unable to hold any more rub as whatever you put on the meat is what you will end up eating in the end.
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Make sure that the rub is applied gently which is contrary to the rub. This is necessary as it prevents the damaging of delicate meat parts more so when handling chicken meat. Apply the rub for about 15-20 minutes until it forms a crust then you can cook it. For intense flavors, let the meat sit in the rub when refrigerated overnight avoiding using salt since it tends to dry the meat. Apart from getting the right rub, sauce is important. Buy the preferred sauce from the store and customize according to your like. Know when to use the sauce too since sugar sauces need to be used at the end of the barbecue to prevent burning. Using both rub and sauce is the best way to get a taste of both flavors. Tough meat can be flavored using mop sauces.

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