Why No One Talks About Bathtubs Anymore

Posted by: headm on: February 10, 2016

How to Choose the Right Shower Head A shower is always great to have, especially when you’re using a shower head with just the right flow and rhythm. However, when you look in the market, you will surely find tons of options. And they will differ in so many ways, like size, design, and budget range. What better way to choose than to fully understand these differences. Different Types of Shower Heads Top Mount
Study: My Understanding of Showers
Also known as rain showers, top mount shower heads are placed over the head to give you a pleasurable drenching bath. These shower heads are usually stylish and may be flush-mounted to the ceiling or suspended from a pendant. This choice couldn’t be better for low-ceiling homes, whether new construction or remodeled.
Study: My Understanding of Showers
Spa Panels and Body Spray These shower heads are built to give showers that somehow mimic a body massage. The fixtures are arranged in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls, giving a crisscross water pattern when you turn them on. You can go for a custom installation, where panels and sprays can be mixed and matched with various shower heads. But of course, the plumbing job required will be extensive. Therefore, this option could be practical only if you’re giving your home a total renovation. To ensure proper installation, your shoulder, hip and knee levels must be measured as you stand; such measurements will dictate the levels where the body sprays should go on the walls. Standard Wall Mount This is the most affordable and basic shower head you’ll find in the market these days. As such, they are also very commonly used, both in households and commercial buildings. They can be easily installed with just a simple screwing and unscrewing on the shower arm. They are also suitable for any type of plumbing, and you can also get some extra features like adjustable water release for an improved bathroom experience. Handheld. Handheld shower heads have long hoses, which give you more reach and control. Obviously, they make washing your hair or bathing the kids or your pet much easier. These shower heads are mounted on the wall and offer various extras, like massage jets that create a spray pattern for a nice and soothing bath. They work with any type of plumbing and may be used as a standard shower or in combination with it. The hand shower can be attached to a sliding bar so that height adjustments can be easily made. As you can see, buying a shower head is not all that simple, unless you don’t have a problem with wasting your cash on the wrong one. Still, with a little research and lots of common sense, finding the right one should be easier.

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