Why Insurance Company Deny Medical Insurance?

Posted by: headm on: January 13, 2014

Someone who is denied medical insurance has a few solutions. One alternative is to appeal the denial. By appealing the denial, asking the insurance provider, and learning how coverage could be possible, some individuals can obtain denials overturned. Still another option is to assess other health insurance companies that have guidelines that may permit the person to become covered. Your final option would be to be given a plan from a pool. Many states have an option called a pool which allows individuals who are considered medically uninsurable to acquire protection inspite of the threat. There are a few conditions on which an insurance company denies medical insurance. I have listed a few of these conditions.

Health care insurance company will not insure many people who’ve an STD such as for example herpes, HPV, or HIV. Though denial statements vary from state to state, in many states a person with an STD is known as uninsurable.

Pre-existing Conditions – Most insurance providers will deny any applicant that has a condition. A pre-existing condition is one of the main reasons that a lot of people are denied health care insurance.

Any association with alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs results immediately denial of medical insurance. You can also read the blog of abhifinancial.com/super-visa-insurance for more information.

In most cases a health care insurance company will deny someone coverage because they are overweight. In these instances the medical insurance company will simply state that the patient doesn’t meet the height and weight guidelines that are required to be insured.

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