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Posted by: headm on: January 28, 2016

Reasons for Having a Survival Kit When Camping Camping is a fun adventure. When out in the woods or far from homes where you have set your tent, you need a survival kit. When an emergency occurs, the tools and supplies packed earlier for the venture in a survival kit will come in handy. All that you need should be in the kit and it should be easy to carry. This article will motivate you to carry a survival kit because of the numerous advantages. Water and food are mandatory when camping. Food and water are essential for one to live. Ensure that you have a good quality water bottle or a hydration system that can be carried everywhere you can. Depending on the number of days that you will be out camping, carry enough water and food. A knife will be very useful for you to survive when camping out. All types of knives are essential, from a pocket knife to fixed blade ones. You can use a knife to cut branches, cutting bandages or cloth for bandages, creating weapons, opening packages, among numerous tasks. To build shelter from branches in case you are lost, you will need a knife. Appropriately handle and maintain the knife. It is meant to help you, not harm you.
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A rope, in addition to the knife, is necessary when a life and death situation occurs. Pack a lightweight but strong rope. When you want to hang food up away from the reach of wild animal, to splint a broken limb, to fasten poles, repair the tent, to climb fish and trap animals, a rope is necessary.
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You need equipment to show you direction and for signaling. A map and a compass are basic. To create alarm when lost, you need a signal mirror to flash so that you can be rescued by an aircraft. A good flashlight can also assist in signaling as well as tracing your path in the dark. To alert other campers or rescuers that you are in danger or you have hurt yourself, blow a whistle. Signal can also be done by fire and smoke. First aid kit is necessary to take care of injuries. To assist in treating the wound before better help comes, the first aid kit is beneficial. It may be necessary to have copies of your personal documents such medication list, medical info, address, emergency contact number so that when an emergency occurs, relevant help will be sought. Have a mobile phone and extra money even if the camp is catered for. When an emergency occurs, it is a matter of life and death. The above items will be very useful as explained above. You not only get comfortable with a survival kit, but also your life is protected. Get ready in case of an emergency because you do not know when it will occur.

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