Which Superfoods Enhance Your Immune System?

Posted by: headm on: October 4, 2012

Everybody knows that there are certain key things you must do when you want to stay healthy. Exercise three to five times each week for 30 minutes each time. You need to make sure you drink enough water. The foods you eat must be varied and healthful. These are all good ideas, but suppose your immune system needs a power boost? What if you feel a cold coming on? No doubt you have been told that there are superfoods that can power up your immune system. Are there really foods such as these? We’re happy to tell you that superfoods do exist and some are specifically for boosting your immune system. Below we will talk about some of the superfoods you can eat weekly that will help boost your immune system.

Pork chops may not be the first food that comes to mind when someone is discussing superfoods, but it can be very beneficial to maintaining a healthy immune system. I’m sure any vegetarians or vegans reading this report are rolling their eyes. However, this is a true statement. There are times when you are losing weight and it’s bad for your health. Eating 6-ounces of pork chops during this critical time can stop the weight loss. A person who is sick can stop the common weight loss that occurs during an illness by eating pork chops. I imagine a lot of you don’t believe that it’s a good idea to eat pork chops daily. On the plus side, they are loaded with selenium which is a natural antioxidant and helps your body fight against cancer. Pork chops are very versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways. You certainly won’t become tired of pork chops with all the variety available. But if you are undergoing a weight loss program, it is advisable to eat once a week. Otherwise, you will be destroying your efforts. An herb that can be considered an immune-boosting superfood is peppermint. You may be surprised to know that peppermint is a great source of phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium. All three of these nutrients contribute to the health of your immune system. There are many different ways peppermint can easily be included in your eating plan. You can drink it as a tea. Snack mints – which you can find at your super market – are great to eat and good for your breath. Your tossed green salad will benefit by the addition of a handful of fresh peppermint leaves. It’s a great meat seasoning. It is a really versatile herb. Peppermint Essential Oil is another great way to add peppermint to flavor many dishes you prepare.

A stronger immune system is one of the top benefits you will derive when you include the superfood salmon in your diet. As you no doubt know, some fish – and especially salmon – contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These are two substances that are critical to help you maintain your best health. Strong muscles, which come from adequate protein in your diet, help you fight many diseases. There are bacteria and germs that invade our body and cause illness. Omega-3s fight these invaders to protect our health from Omega-6s. Eat salmon at least twice a week. Three times a week is better, but that has a tendency to get boring so aim for twice. Even when we don’t take care of ourselves as well as we should, we all hope to maintain good health. You know the rules for a healthy lifestyle, don’t you? Exercise several times a week, avoid dehydration by drinking a lot of water, and eat a diet composed of a variety of healthy foods. While it’s easy to understand the wisdom behind these concepts, you really haven’t been given much data on which healthy foods are the best ones to include in your eating plan. If you start learning more about the class of foods known as superfoods – those which have important ingredients that aid your health and immune system – you will be on a path to improved health and vitality. Our goal in this report is to make you aware of some of the superfoods that are easy to include in your weekly eating plan. To find out more about superfoods – and which ones are especially useful for certain health issues – do some research. This will give you other superfoods to choose from, so you can have a delicious, varied diet.

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