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Posted by: headm on: February 10, 2016

The Process of Steeping E-Juices To all the vapers out there who are yet to know or even try steeping, just know you are missing out on a great discovery. The discovery of steeping came as a huge relief to most of them. Almost everybody now steeps their juice before vaping. You can make use of any one of them provide the end results are satisfactory. We shall be looking at some of the best ways to do it. E-liquids are usually made up of several ingredients such as nicotine juice, water, PG or VG base, and the flavors. Steeping can be described as the process which enables these ingredients to mix up evenly. Steeping is the process that allows all the ingredients to mix accordingly and present a unified flavor as it was intended. This helps all the flavors to mix up evenly and achieve a good and tasty flavor. The other commonly used steeping process is where you take a new bottle of e-liquid, remove any wrapping around it and the cap too. You then proceed to store it in a cool, dry place for a couple of days. The bottle is then placed in a cool, dry location to allow the reaction to take place for a number of days. This oxidation process is similar to how wine is allowed to age in order to get a refined taste.
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Use of a water bath is another common steeping method preferred by vapors. Just like the rest, it is quite simple as long as you follow the steps accordingly. It starts with preparation of warm water which is placed into a container up to a certain level where it covers the bottles halfway. Remove the caps of the bottles and place upright in the container. The caps would be removed, the water level should be half of the bottles and duration ought to be until the water cools to room temperature. After that, remove the bottles and dry them and close them up before storing in a cool, dry place for a number of days.
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The least number of days recommended to steep your e-liquid would have to be two weeks. It is okay if you want to extend the period further up to three weeks or a month. Creamier dessert flavors often take much longer than compared to tobacco or fruity flavors. It would also be good to note that flavors also affect the tie taken to steep e-juices. Fruity and tobacco flavors take a very short time while creamier dessert flavors take the longest time. What matters is for the e-liquid to attain a desired flavor. Whatever means you use, just make sure it is safe.

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