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How to Locate a Great Restaurant As You Travel A trip will never be complete without that sumptuous and memorable meal. However, finding that restaurant in a city that’s unfamiliar to you is definitely a bit tricky. This is very true if you’re already very hungry and you seem to be looking at dining at the first place you see. For you to find the best solution for your hungry tummy, follow the tips we compiled for you below. 1. It helps if you are able to plan ahead and even book a culinary walking tour. Booking a culinary walking tour has become a trend in many cities in the U.S. and even in other countries. By doing so, you will be able to sample many dishes from different restaurants. At this point, you can use your experience in the culinary tour to gauge on which regional and local foods and restaurants you want to visit once again. For every city there are hundreds of the usual fast food chains you can go to if you need a quick bite. Now if you want to experience more than just fast food, you should go for local food instead with some touch of distinctiveness. 2. It also makes sense to search for and read local publications and articles from renowned local food bloggers. You should do this days or a week before you make that actual first-time visit to a city or locality. With the benefit of internet access, you now will be able to conveniently locate blogs showcasing local food and restaurants. You can then use Google Maps to be able to locate and save the addresses of those potential restaurants you want to visit.
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3. Don’t forget to ask for help from real people. Through tips and recommendations, you can obtain firsthand information about people’s actual experience with different restaurants on your list. For instance, cab drivers know a lot of things about all-night diners and eateries. Also, those who work in tourist spots and hotels know a lot when it comes to recommending the best places to take your lunch. Also, you may use social networking sites to look for posts from your acquaintances and friends who might have tried restaurants in the same city you’re planning to visit.
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We don’t really recommend dining in those restaurants near popular tourist destinations. The thing is those restaurants don’t really have to offer good service and good food in order to be interesting because tourists and visitors will have no choice but to go to them because of their convenient location. In most cases, restaurants located in neighborhoods are offering better food and service compared to those in tourist spots.

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