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Posted by: headm on: February 11, 2016

A Guide to Choosing a Photo Booth Rental Company

Photo Booths are common at wedding receptions, Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, and in a number of private and public events. Missing them at such an event is actually more surprising. The high demand has led to a number of companies that allow a person to rent a photo booth for a short period of time for a fee. The following is how you can choose the right vendor for your event.

Choose a Vendor that is Punctual

Punctuality is an important thing when planning for an event. They should be able be able to be on time for your event to save you any disappointments and frustrations. To have the peace-of-mind you really need find one that is going to guarantee punctuality. One way to know if your potential vendor will be punctual is from the response time when you email them. If it is one that responds after 24 hours then you might want to consider another vendor.

The Photo Booth Quality

The vendor you choose to rent from needs to have high quality a photo booth. Only rent from a company that guarantees good quality equipment and not one with poor quality cameras, poor lighting and poor prints among other things. For instance one with DSLR cameras is better than if using webcams, similarly inkjet printers would be of less quality than photo-lab quality ones. Check their past work samples and see if the images were too dark or too light. You can easily gauge their quality from their past samples of work.

What Unique Features does it come with?

There are a number of unique features that would make a photo booth stand out from the rest. These include features like slow-motion video, green screen background removal, facial gesture recognition, social media upload station and a number of other features that you should always look out for.

The Cost

Different photo booth rental vendors will have different costs because of a number of factors. Choose a company that won’t overcharge you for setup and teardown. The photo booth rate for waiting time and extra is also important to establish about early.

Look at the Vendor’s Flexibility

Flexibility is also an important thing to look for when choosing a vendor for photo booth rental. They should be able to adapt and incorporate your ideas that you want to feature in the photo booth. It may be a special background, unique props or a custom print layout, a specific logo, date and name of event, and other visions you may have for it.

Always choose the right vendor for photo booth rental for your event if you want your guests to be satisfied and enjoy every bit of it.

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