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Posted by: headm on: November 5, 2015

Benefits of Using Lean Marketing Techniques and Strategies It has been observed that lean manufacturing techniques are already being practiced by large manufacturing companies over the last few years. The introduction of learn marketing techniques came as a result of the success of its use by a large manufacturing company in solving some of their problems related to space and inventory. Companies who use lean marketing techniques and strategies are mainly concerned with stopping or minimizing wastages in the company. What do lean manufacturers mean by wastage? Waste is defined by lean manufacturers as anything that does not add value to the products or services being offered to the customers. Lean manufacturing has had its share of opposition, yet for those who have practiced it, they have seen the process boosting productivity, efficiency and processes. There are different techniques used in lean marketing yet one thing that companies can reap from these strategies is the efficiency of the whole process of production. What is the reason why manufacturing companies would want to use lean manufacturing techniques? Reduction is cost as a result of eliminating wastage is the biggest advantage of lean marketing. What is good about lean manufacturing is that what you gain as profit from cost savings is shared by the companies which are members of the food supply chain .
The 10 Best Resources For Manufacturing
Aside from savings from wastage, lean manufacturing techniques also improve on overall time by which one finished good is produced. With lean marketing the time in producing a product is shortened thus increasing its productivity. .Labor productivity also increases because they spent lesser time in making more units.
The 10 Best Resources For Manufacturing
There is a great reduction is error in the manufacturing processes if wastages are kept in check. Although managing the wastage is just a way of looking at the benefits of lean marketing, another way of looking it is by at the way resources are being used to their best possible use. There are other manufacturing techniques used by different countries in the world, and like them lean manufacturing has also been met with stiff resistance, criticism and controversies. Placing too much focus of the wastages is the main complaint or reason why other manufactures are not convinced of lean manufacturing techniques and strategies. And these oppositionists contend that if this were the main focus of lean marketing techniques and strategies, then it leads to less innovative products that a company can offer to their end users. With many companies are already adapting lean marketing techniques and strategies, they must see to it that caution is exercised so that product innovation and experimentation is not neglected and that they come can up with more to offer to their customers.

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