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Posted by: headm on: May 2, 2016

Find Out What Hypnotherapy Is and Why it is Done As an aide to psychological counselling, mental health professional may suggest the patient to undergo in it. Doing a hypnotherapy will put the patient in a hypnotic trance in which they have the capability of exploring the hidden or painful thoughts, emotions and memories that they are keeping inside them. If you belong to the group of people who are innocent and have no idea what hypnotherapy is, for sure, you are asking yourself questions such as “What is that?” and “Why are they doing that?” A hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy in which it uses hypnosis to treat medical conditions and disorders such as addiction, phobias, depression, change unwanted habits and behaviours, and induce relaxation. According to medical profession, this type of mental health therapy is a valid complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practice. This type of psychotherapy is an effective way of treating some people especially if the patient is a good candidate for hypnosis and the therapist to do the process is trained and an expert. In a hypnotherapy session, the therapist that is doing the process will make use of mental pictures and verbal repetition in order for the patient to reach a trance like condition. And also, through a guided relaxation and intense focus, the patient will have his or her sense of awareness reach greater heights. In a trance like state, the outside world is being blocked which literally opens the mind for suggestions.
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There are two ways in which psychotherapist use hypnosis and these are suggestion therapy or patient analysis. Doing a suggestion therapy allows the hypnosis to produce better response from mental suggestions. Undergoing a suggestion therapy will help the patient change some of their behaviours like biting their nails or cigarette smoking. It will also help them change the way they perceive their five senses which is effective in treating pain.
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When a person is a trance like state, it is also a big help in discovering the symptoms or the disorder itself. For an instance, when a patient is under hypnosis, it allows them to recall a certain painful experience that they had in the past which are hidden in their memories. And once these painful events are revealed, the patient as well as the therapist will address the trauma to a psychotherapy session. Actually, there are lots of benefits offered especially for those mental health patients and individuals who just wanted to alter some of their behaviours. Studies shows that hypnosis is effective for people who are experiencing phobias, fears, anxieties and stress. If you are someone who is experiencing conditions like post-traumatic stress, grief, depression, and sleeping disorder, then being in a hypnotic state helps improve the recovery rate of your treatment to be successful.

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