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Posted by: headm on: November 6, 2015

Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident Many thousands of slip and fall accidents that hurt people occur each year.A faulty staircase, wet floor, or a protruding tree stump in a home compound are some of the most possible causes of slip and fall accidents. So, who is to blame for a slip and fall accident? Any experienced accident attorney will advise you that no one readily accepts liability for ugly falls that hurt people seriously, and still, figuring out the party that is responsible is in certain cases is quite difficult. In certain cases, you can blame the property owner for a slip and fall accident, yet, he’s not always to blame. An accident attorney will come in handy when you are seeking compensation following a slip and fall accident. That’s part of the legal process, but you can even do better and familiarize yourself with the concept of liability in slip and fall cases. The discussion below is meant to help you impartially examine your slip and fall accident and decide whether or not to sue for a settlement.
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To trip, slip, and fall is part of our everyday living experiences. Even in cases where the victim is seriously hurt, it is not always the responsibility of the property owner to immediately remove from surfaces all probable causes of slip and fall accidents. Still, you cannot always blame the owner of a property if you trip and fall on an object that logic dictates you should have seen and sidestepped. In other words, you also are expected to take reasonable care while walking.
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However, it is the responsibility of a property owner to maintain the safety of their property with reasonable care. Whether the owner of the property acted with reasonable caution in preempting a slip and fall accident can help resolve many cases, although there is no one general way to always determine who is at fault for slip and fall accidents. It also depends on whether the victim exercised reasonable caution to see or avoid the object that caused the accident. To show that the property owner has legal responsibility for a slip and fall, your accident lawyer attempts to prove that: The liable party, usually operator, owner, or occupier of the property, must have caused the dangerous conditions that caused your accident. The liable party must have known about the risks of slip and fall on their property and did nothing about it. The party to blame should have noticed the possibility of slip and fall, just as a person maintaining the property should logically have seen the risk and preempted slip and fall.

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