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Posted by: headm on: February 7, 2016

How to Search for a Good Local Dog Boarder There are times when a dog owner has to travel for vacation that is not suitable to bring a pet in, and therefore there is a need to find a good local dog boarding. If you find a really good one, you will make it easier and happier for your pet while you are away. Visiting a boarding kennel is perhaps the best way to assess what the kennel is like. While you are in the kennel try to observe how they do things and ask their staff questions that concern you most. Learn about the activities a dog goes through a single day. Do they get exercise? How often will these exercise activities be? Check if they are allowed to run freely or if they will only be walking with a lead. Will you be allowed to bring your dog’s beddings from home and some toys so that the switch will not be too difficult for your pet? The dog’s digestive system will suffer if the food is changed from what he is used to eating, and a good dog boarding will let the owners bring the food that their dog usually eats. A good dog kennel will also ask you the time your dog is fed, and follow the routine that you have set for him at home. Another thing you need to make sure about is that there is fresh water constantly available for your pet.
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A good local kennel will also allow more than one dog to stay together, with reason. Perhaps, if you only have two or three dogs, they can stay together, but if you have five or six dogs, most kennels cannot allow them to board together. But a good dog boarding facility will allow your many dogs to have time together even if they do not board together.
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If you ask for recommendations from your friends and family for a good dog boarding, take time to inquire if they came home to happy and healthy dogs, after their vacation. Try to find out if the staff were friendly and helpful. If no one has ever done that, then you might want to try your local dog club or an online forum, to know which kennels are the best ones locally. Ask the dog boarding if they are registered with a local vet just in case the dogs need treatment. Ask also if they are members of a professional organization and if their staff have good qualifications and training. If these things are all affirmed by the local dog facility, then you can be sure that if you leave your dog to their care, they will do their best to make the dog feel like he is at home.

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