What Are Essential Tools For a Wilderness Survival Kit?

Posted by: headm on: November 22, 2016

If you are planning to spend some time in the great outdoors soon, you are probably already thinking about exactly what you should take along on the trip. Sure, the most obvious stuff like a tent for camping may already be on your list, but you may not have thought of some of the most essential wilderness survival kit tools because they are small or less obvious. To help you prepare for your wilderness trip – and to make it as fun as possible – make sure you have the following fundamental tools at the ready when you take on the wilderness.

Some of the key parts of a wilderness survival kit involve those things that you will need in case of serious emergency. In fact, you can’t even depend on there being just one emergency because sometimes disaster strikes from more than one direction at once. The tools discussed here are exactly the type of utilitarian items that can serve more than one purpose if they are required to.

The best thing that you can do in terms of getting a multi use tool for your wilderness survival kit is to buy a Swiss Army Knife tool, or a similar multi purpose tool. This gives you everything from a bottle opener to a miniature saw blade to mini pliers in one easily compacted unit. While your Swiss Army Knife does feature a knife, just as the name implies, it is not always quite as large as would be ideal for a survival kit. Consider the purchase of an additional knife, one that has a blade around four to six inches in length. Try to find a knife with a sturdy handle and a rubberized grip so you can use it with ease.

Another thing that falls into the category of essential tools to have in the wilderness is a multi part item: A good basic first aid kit. While an extensive kit is not necessary, you do want to make sure to have basic medicines like pain relievers, bandages, gauze, and splints as part of the kit. Remember to pack enough in your first aid kit to care for injuries to multiple people, and to care for an injury for several days, just to be well prepared. You can find first aid kits, Swiss Army Knives, and all types of helpful wilderness tools at sites such as http://www.bestoutdoorsurvivalgear.com.

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