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Posted by: headm on: March 27, 2016

A Guide to Tibetan Singing Bowls The main thing that you should be conscious about the Himalayan bowls is that, they emerged from the Tibetans around a thousand years ago. Even though they may strike some resemblance with that of the singing bowls found in India and Asia as distant as three thousand years ago, they are vaguely used for different purposes than of that the Himalayan bowls The utilization of the Tibetan Singing bowls in the culture of the Tibetans is frequently assigned to a faction of shamans which they call “Bon” and uses them for their rituals. Singing bowls were first created using either five, seven, or nine different materials. Singing bowls were created using the main materials namely iron, tin, copper, mercury, silver, and gold. Metals found in meteorites were also believed to have been used to create the first singing bowls. Modern metal singing bowls have some qualities that are the same as the old ones as the metals used to create or make these modern metal singing bowls are also the metals used by the Tibetans to create or make singing bowls during the ancient times. Modern metal singing bowls are easy to use and are ensured to be uniform in nature due to the use of casts which makes it easy for people who have no time to learn everything use it with ease.
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If you are a collector, antiques and artifacts of singing bowls are still available up until today but are rare and costs like a fortune compared to its modern counterpart. Crystal singing bowls on the other hand, have their unique personality as they are hand carved from big rocks of crystals. Because of singing bowls, a higher state of meditation is achieved by the mediator. The high pitch sound produced by the crystal singing bowls is commonly preferred by individuals or people who have integrated meditation. The level of difficulty of using a singing bowl is low, which means it is very easy to use and learn. When you plan to use your singing bowl during your meditations, you hold the singing stick vertically and rotate it around the straight edges of the singing bowl at a slow speed. As the rest of the class meditate in a yoga class, one person uses the singing bowl to help the others with their meditation.
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Relaxation, meditation, doing spiritual activities, and doing healing activities are made easy to do by mediators due to the sounds that singing bowls produce such as multiple harmonic overtones and loud and piercing high-pitched sounds. When you consider checking the qualities of a singing bowl such as the portability, usefulness, and sound production, you will surely not regret buying one and you might even recommend it to people you know.

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