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Posted by: headm on: August 18, 2015

What You Need to Know About Ear Mites in Dogs You need to be concerned when your dogs have ear mites. Though cats are more susceptible to ear mites, dogs can have them too. Ear mites love the long and warm floppy ears of the dogs. For the ear mites, this is the most conducive place for them to thrive. The ear mites actually feed off on the dead skin of the dog, they don’t pierce the skin like the ticks do. The ear wax is a place where the ear mites love to thrive too. They usually stay on the external portion of the inner ear. They can also progress inside if left untreated. When this happens, your dog will be causing wounds by scratching and the dog will be producing more ear wax as well. Due to the extreme itch of the ear mites, the dog will react to it. Your dog will be constantly scratching his or her ears. The dog will be scratching and rubbing his ears in many places like at the door and on the floor. If you touch their ears, they will yelp sometimes. When the degree is extreme, the ear mites can cause severe pain for the dog. When this occurs, make sure to have your pet checked out. When you check the ears of your dogs, you will notice that there are some signs of infestation inside. You will notice that there are black colored matter. Inside the ears, you will see a ground coffee like particles. You will see them move around as well. Detecting ear mites is easy. A well trained vet can immediately spot whether the dog has ear mites or not. Since ear mites are highly contagious, you need to have all your pets checked out as well.
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After the diagnosis, the treatment will begin shortly. Cleaning the ears everyday is a must for the dog. If this is done, the ear mites will be eradicated from your dog’s ears. Your dog will also have some kind of medication to remove it. Antibiotics will be administered to your dog if there was an infection that took place. To prevent ear mites, make sure that you dry the dog’s ears right after its bath. Also, make sure that you clean the ears properly.
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In order to gain your dog’s proper health, early intervention is the key. As soon as you see some signs of ear mites, make sure that you take some action. Take your dog to the vet immediately and provide medication. Clean your dog’s ears all the time. In this way, no one will get infected by the ear mites again.

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