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Posted by: headm on: March 10, 2016

A Quick Guide to Long Term Food Storage The basic necessity that a person needs in his life is food. Proper food storage is no easy task, and it is also important for long term survival. When you have the right food storage but in an incorrect condition or if its the other way around then everything will just go away. If you want to avoid having food borne illnesses and bacteria, premature spoiling of your food or even freezer burns then you should know the right ways on how to store your food. Here are some important food storage containers: B. Mason Jars
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There is a reason why people have been using these type of food storage jars for a long period of time now. During the process of storing your food the rubber ring on the inside of the lid will seal onto the rim of the jar. Mason jars are are excellent in storing dry foods and canning.
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2. Flip tite Canisters This food storage are perfect for you since it does not consume much space because these are stackable containers. The lid of a flip tite canisters provides an airtight seal so you can keep your food fresh. Pill bottles When you dispose the contents of your pill bottle you can actually recycle and reuse it and it would be great for storing medicines, vitamins and herbs. D.Mylar bags Mylar bags are good for long term storage because it keeps the oxygen from entering the storage bag. These type of storage bags can actually be heat sealed. Here are some tips on how you could store your food for a long time: Make sure that you put your all of your food in areas that is dry, cool and dark. Make sure that you tightly wrap fresh foods in plastic bags or in sealed containers. Make sure that you throw out can goods that already has a dent, damage and is out of date. To avoid spoiling your food you should arrange it by putting new supplies in the back and older supplies in front. Everything in your food storage must have a label with the date it was purchased and be sure that you also put the expiration date. Open food packages must be emptied and transferred to an airtight food container. You could also make a list of all the foods that are in your freezer so you could avoid always opening it. Make sure that you handle your food properly so you could avoid damaging the container where the food is stored. When an an emergency occurs having quality stored food can actually help you or even save your life.

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