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Posted by: headm on: November 24, 2015

Why TV Shows Are so Popular One of the most prominent methods of being entertained is watching television. This is especially these days because more and more people prefer to pass their time while enjoying some television programs. The programs aired on the televisions vary daily. There is however a kind of program known as series that is aired in terms of episodes. These episodes carry the story line forward from where it was left the last time. By doing this, the person watching becomes more captivated and drawn to watching more of the program when it is aired next. The series are of different types varying from drama, comedy and epic among other forms. Here are some of the reasons why people are seemingly addicted to watching series programs on television. It entertains Almost all the story lines in a series are very captivating. This makes a person to feel like sitting down somewhere in order to watch the series in peace. This ensures that their thirst for entertainment is quenched. In order to keep up with the story line and stay entertained for longer periods of time. This however is not applicable to programs that do not require one to watch episode since they have a new story line every single time. This is however not applicable to programs with new story lines for each episode.
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Suspense is incorporated in most story lines especially at the end in order to make the person watching to look forward to another episode. This ensures that they follow up the program to ensure that they do not miss any juicy bits. Waiting for the next episode creates a lot of anxiety as one tries to figure out whatever ma happen during the next episode. It passes time Sometimes there are people who have a lot of time in their hands and nothing much to do with it. This includes people who are generally idle and people who have a problem with insomnia. This free time can be utilized by watching series in order to pass the time. Through watching they can forget about their boredom by distracting themselves with the series. Watching a series can help them to forget about their boredom completely making it a pleasant time to relax and enjoy the series. It boosts creativity Creativity can be boosted each time one watches he series. This is because the brain is made more active. This makes their brains to become more alert during the period within which they watch. They may even be able to come up with a story line of their own by making use of the new creativity that they have gotten from watching series.

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