Unique But Descriptive Title For Every Page

Posted by: headm on: January 3, 2014

Having the most relevant and powerful keywords in your content is the foundation of small business SEO. All search engines are based on keywords, and your rank on the search engines just drop without the proper keywords. It’s really important to include keywords occasionally but not to overdo it so that your article doesn’t flow naturally, which is called keyword density. While keyword density does not actually affect your ranking on search engines anymore, it will affect the quality of your content if you do overdo keyword density. I recommend the use of free resources online to check the keyword density of your article, making sure it’s 1-3%.

Another feature that should be included in your journey of small business SEO is a unique but descriptive title for every page you have on your website. The titles are the headlines of your content! Make sure that they are interesting, attractive, and appealing to the customer. Titles cannot be long, or even short for that matter. It must be exactly the right size. Concise and descriptive titles will make the customer want to learn more about your product or what your product does, so it will hook your customer into the content!
Small business SEO is not a challenge, but rather an experience. Without having done search engine optimization for your website, you may never achieve a reputation on the Internet. Remember that the methods above are just examples of what search engine optimization might include! You should research more about SEO and apply all that you can find in order to get larger amounts of traffic.

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