Understanding The Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Posted by: headm on: February 9, 2015

Anyone who has ever dealt with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS knows that the condition triggers a great deal of physical and emotional distress. The pain that emanates from a malfunction of the gastrointestinal system is significant. In addition, the ongoing sense of needing to eliminate waste can make it very difficult to get out of the house and enjoy activities that others take for granted. Fortunately, this is a condition that can be controlled by understanding a little about the causes and the treatments that can help.

Diarrhea and Constipation

Part of living with IBS is going through periods when it seems as if eliminating waste is an impossible task. At other times, the patient may have not trouble eliminating waste at all. In the latter scenario, the problem focuses on being able to prevent elimination at inopportune times. With both situations, cramping and a constant sense of pain is likely to be present.

There are some differences of opinion regarding the causes of constipation and diarrhea from Irritable bowel disorder. One school of thought is that the origin is physical in nature, and has to do with some type of infection in the lower GI tract. Others believe the condition can be triggered by traumas that adversely affect the nervous system and the way that the brain communicates with the rest of the body. A third concept holds that IBS may be due to a combination of problems with infection, the function of the immune system, and some type of nervous disorder.


The good news is that physicians can identify various factors that seem to have some influence on aggravating the symptoms of IBS. This makes it easier to provide medication that helps moderate some of the more painful symptoms. Changes in diet can also sometimes help soothe the pain and irritation that comes with the condition. When stress is determined to be part of the problem, therapy can help ease the mind and weaken the symptoms. While there is no one approach that is ideal for every situation, it is possible to regain control, reduce the pain, and make it easier to get back to the business of living.

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