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Posted by: headm on: August 10, 2015

Storm Damage Restoration Water damage restoration comprises of the decrease, avoidance, and cleanup following a water problem such as storm overflow or interior flooding. Water damage restoration may also decrease your risk of increased damage that can be caused by leaving water untreated in the home. Water damage restoration may be necessary after storm-driven rise in water levels, or plumbing failure within the home. Wet carpeting, drainage through walls, and warped wooden furniture are just the start of your worries if you do not address water damage immediately. Nevertheless, you can return your home to full property value if you act quickly and get professional help to treat your water damage. Treating Damage From Water Vacuums and carpet dryers can help you deal with small spills, but for serious water damage to walls and floors they are not sufficient. Water damage can reach areas beyond its initial location, penetrating through to others rooms and floors. If the water is not immediately addressed by a damage professional, it can damage additional rooms and items as humidity in the air. This in turn can lead to mold, another very serious and potentially expensive threat to homes. Fortunately, our trained professionals have the tools you need to assess and treat your water damage. This equipment, including infrared cameras and water level meters, will allow for accurate and fast assessment of the damage in your building’s ceilings, floors, and walls. Our experts will then help you determine what can be done to repair the damage within the home and what may need to be removed for further assessment or cleaning. The expert will then present you with a comprehensive plan to safely and quickly get rid of the water in your home as efficiently as they can. Standing water will be removed with powerful suction. Next comes dehumidification, which will remove the water from other parts of the structure and help you guard against future problems, including mold and additional damage. Technicians will continuously treat and assess the home until it has been sufficiently dried. Last of all, sewage material, if present, will be properly cleaned and disposed of.
Getting Down To Basics with Experts
Final Repairs
Getting Down To Basics with Experts
Once the home has been dried, any structural treatment and deodorization repairs will be recommended if needed. Should there be a mold presence detected in your home following initial drying treatment, our professionals will recommend the appropriate follow up treatment. In the final stages, your flooring will be reinstalled if it had been uninstalled to receive specialized cleaning. Even floors that have not been removed will receive a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Apart from carpets, we can also handle other flooring materials, from stone to tile. To find out more about water damage services, get in touch today.

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