Underrated Tourist Attractions in Europe

Posted by: headm on: January 15, 2015

This list is a personal review so in case you’re not agreeing with me, I hope you understand that each person has its own preferences. Now that we’re clear on that, let’s start. These places are nothing short of excellent and have the glamour worthy of praise. The sad thing is, these places are often overlooked since popular ones always steal the spotlight.

Lisbon – This magnificent place is located atop Rome and invites tourists with its laid-back atmosphere. If you ask nomadicmatt, Lisbon is the perfect place to be for those in dire need of getting away from the stresses of life. In fact you can save money from transportation and attractions here if you avail of a Lisboa card. Moreover, in case you’re tired of hearing the litanies of tour guides and the hustle-bustles of Rome, drop by Lisbon for a change of pace. Who knows? You might like it better. Despite having a laid-back atmosphere, it still has various art-chitectures for the visitors to enjoy marveling such as St. George’s Castle. Or you can just chill out to the clubs found in Alfama or eat pasteis de nata while sipping a cup of coffee. The point is, you can’t really judge a book by its cover.

Florence – This place might be on the grey side when it comes to being underrated since flocks of tourists are starting to like this place. Now who wouldn’t want to fall in love with Firenze if countless Renaissance buildings, artifacts and the like are everywhere? For those who want to experience real Italian, you’ll get hooked in this place in no time!

Amsterdam – Sadly, tourism in Amsterdam are still on the slow side thanks to the several notorious Red Light Zones in the area. But if you see past the place’s shortcomings, you’ll come to discover that Amsterdam has plenty to offer. Try tasting an Indonesian cuisine, shop at the Nine Streets or explore historical buildings and come back and swear the hell out of me if you’re not satisfied.

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