Types Of Glass Shower Doors You Can Get

Posted by: headm on: June 30, 2014

If you decide to choose the framed glass shower door, we have a variety of materials form your frame. There is the aluminum design, which looks shiny and metallic in color, as well as the composite material, which has more designs to choose from, as well as colors. You can choose the black or shiny metallic finish.

We have many types of glass shower doors to choose from on our website. Some of them are linked as follows:

Types of glass shower doors you can get

There is the round glass shower door. This design comes in a curved shape. It is the best choice for the customer who has a shower in the corner and wants to create an impression of space in their bathroom.
We also have the bypass glass shower doors. These ones are two or else three panels that come on top of racks. They are placed sideways and are best for the big baths or a shower that is placed at a corner of a room. The bypass glass shower doors are best for the customer that wants class, luxury and beauty in their bathroom.

The steam glass door is a posh design that is made to retain the steam from the bath inside, hence creating an impression of being in a spa. The steam glass shower door in our shop can be found in either the pivot or the sliding door design.

The fourth design in our shop is the neo-angle glass shower door. This one is meant for the customer for whom space is an issue, and our technicians can make them to open either to the left or the right, depending on your needs. They are best suited for the shower corners.

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