Tips On Winning Solitaire Strategies

Posted by: headm on: March 9, 2019

Most people are familiar with solitaire because it is included in almost every computer operating system sold in the world. While it is a near-religion for some, there are still others who have never tried the game. This article can be enjoyed by the veteran player as a reminder of things they may have forgotten or by newbies who are just starting to play solitaire. Keep these winning strategies in mind and remember to have fun!

  • If possible, play the Ace card or Deuce card immediately
  • It is most important to always free up the downcard, no matter what other options of play or transfer are available
  • When freeing a downcard in classic online solitaire, always free it from the biggest stack of downcards
  • When playing free online solitaire, card transfers from row to row should only be done if the play allows a downcard to be freed
  • Unless there is a King card waiting to immediately occupy the space, one should never clear a space in any solitaire games
  • A King card should only be played if it benefits the biggest pile of cards. The only exception is if the King card allows a transfer that results in a downcard being freed
  • An Ace stack should only be built under the following circumstances: the resulting play does not interfere with the subsequent card protection, if the play allows a downcard to be freed, if a space is opened so that a transfer of a pile of same-color cards results in freeing a downcard, or if it clears a spot for a King card that can be used immediately
  • Cards that show 5, 6, 7, or 8 should never be played or transferred anywhere in world solitaire except: if the played card is smooth with the even/odd partner card, the play will result in an immediate freeing of a downcard, the column has not had any other cards played to it, or if the play is the only way that games cards solitaire can continue

Keep these simple tips in mind when playing card games solitaire to increase the enjoyment factor. Even if you are a veteran player, these strategies prove to be a solid foundation for a winning game!

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