Tips and Tricks: Power Wash The Right Way

Posted by: headm on: January 23, 2019

Millions of Americans own some form of a pressure washer. These machines are relatively new to the industry and improve day by day. They are used for a multitude of tasks such as cleaning and remodeling. Owning a pressure washer is great, but often the maintenance, if it breaks, can be costly but also, many do not understand how to properly clean with one.

Pressure Cleaning is not a complicated process, but there are right and wrong ways to do it. Many kill their plants; rip the stain off their deck, ruin their house is siding and more. Do not be one of those people. Follow some tips and tricks, clarity, and confidence will come.

Tips To Cleaning With A Power Washer

There is a lot to remember when knowing how to clean properly and maybe it is often best to hire a professional, but these tips and tricks may chance how one handles the task in the future.

Always fog or presoak the surface with a detergent, degreaser, or chemical presoak. Presoaking reduces wash time and chemical cost. Along with this, hot water is a better solvent than cold water when cleaning. After presoaking with detergent, rinse the detergent off the surface before it dries.

Tips To Use On The Power Washer

There are several tips to choose from on a power washer. A tip that provides higher pressure should be used on concrete. If a concrete tip is used on vinyl siding, it will cut the siding into pieces. Each tip provides a specific pound per square inch of pressure.

Using Wax

Thinking of using wax? There are two sides to this story. Professional power washing contractors choose not to use it because they prefer to power wash more often. The use of wax does not necessarily increase protection on siding or other surfaces that have been power washed.

Remember that power washing and cleaning is one of the best things someone can invest in. Taking care of the machine and remembering the proper technique is just as important for the extended life of a surface. Power washing will keep every surface looking clean and fresh.

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