Three Effective Ways of Controlling Population

Posted by: headm on: March 24, 2019

One of the gravest issues of development that most worldwide nations face is population. High population comes with many adverse effects including undue pressure towards the natural resources and poor living standards. More people within the same locality leads to depletion and overconsumption of available resources. Population health does not count as a universal challenge as it is only extreme to the nations that are yet to achieve full development potential. Below are the three most effective ways to ensure sustainable population.


Education is always the backbone of every country’s development. Once people get educated, they get to understand the harm that high rate of growth causes. Education can bring positive impact to the society, including controlling population, especially education to women. If educated, one will clearly understand every benefit that comes with having a small family. With no adequate education, many measures including awareness campaigns as well as women empowerment would be pointless.

Poverty Eradication

The reason why most countries with poverty have the highest growth rate contrary to the rich ones is that poverty has direct relations with population growth. The countries that are yet to grow economically like Africa and Asia face population challenges including slave trade, child labor, and human trafficking. African countries still experience such issues of the slave trade, though human trade is illegal globally. In some instances, people give birth and sell their children to rich people who then subject these children to unethical and laborious activities. With no concrete measures towards poverty eradication, any other population control approach may prove ineffective.


The reason why the enormous population and its increasing rate are highest in developing countries and not a threat in developed nations is the high rate of unemployment. Little or no development implies a high rate of poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination. By terminating gender discrimination and class differences, as well as ensuring that the whole populations are included in the development plans, countries can eradicate the challenge of population growth.

Population management is a critical aspect of economic development. By implementing the above measures, nations can address the current rapid increase in population. Planning involves considering measures which improve the living standards of citizens while also creating opportunities for investment and development. By eradicating poverty and offering sufficient education, countries can easily control birth rates.

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