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Posted by: headm on: September 9, 2015

Understanding Solar Racking and Mounting for Your Home The first thought people have when they envision a home with solar is a roof covered in panels on every side, however, that is not the case. Before anything is installed, the contractors will take a look at your home to see what side is going to give you the most access to the sun. This is the next step after you’ve agreed to a finance plan and have decided on a certain company to work with. If you’re one of the homeowners who absolutely does not want to put solar panels on top of your house, you’re not alone. There are also houses that simply aren’t able to handle the solar panel mounting system and this could be another reason to look at alternatives. One of the best alternatives is to have the panels installed in a side yard where they can receive the sun’s rays during the day, but stay out of the thick of activity around the home. Representatives of these companies should be able to show you pictures of installations like this if you ask them to. You can also look through their brochures and websites to see these on your own time. For this portion, additional solar mounting hardware could increase the cost for this part of the installation, but it might also be included in the original estimate. The professional companies will build the cost of incidentals into their first estimate, to avoid unwelcome increases and adjustments to their customers later.
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As times passes, the savings you see from having a system like this in place are going to add up quicker that you imagine. The tax benefits that are available for buying them outright are very helpful, and you can also choose to have them installed for free, if your credit score qualifies. In-house financing is becoming more popular too, so you can get the funds you need directly from the provider in some cases.
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The warranties that are included with a solar mounting system help take care of regular care and also things that go wrong. If you’re purchasing the system up front, talk to them about how much this will increase the price or the monthly payment you’re making for energy. If we really want to do something that is good for the planet, we will learn all we can about solar energy and this renewable resource, so our children can have a better life, with far less stress being placed on the power grid overall. Why shouldn’t your home benefit from those sun rays and keep free energy coming into your household?

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