The Origin Of Coupon Codes

Posted by: headm on: July 21, 2013

The first coupons were distributed by sales representatives and employees of the Coca-Cola Company back in the year 1888. These were not online coupon but paper coupons that were advertised in magazines and for the potential customers the paper coupon were mailed. Asa Candler was the man behind this great innovation as he was one of the partners of the Coca-Cola Company that offered soda fountains free syrup to cover the free drinks cost. The introduction of coupons took place in the United States of America but later it spread all over the world. This is how coupons came to live and has been around ever since although nowadays coupon codes such as Toms promo code and Hostgator coupon code are slowly replacing the paper coupons.

Those who are aware have used coupon codes to save more than 4.6 million by the year 2011. This shows how people can save money if the get into the habit of redeeming coupon codes. Every region has its own history regarding coupons. When Shop A Docket promoted discounts and offers in 1986 it witnessed the start of coupons in Australia. Coupon codes has stood the test of time to have come this far. They have been critized but despite all this coupon codes have been used by both consumers and sellers to their benefit. People can use coupons to get discount.

To reduce the time that a consumer spends trying to find and cut out paper coupons the world have seen the introduction of coupon codes that can only be found on the internet. This is a tiresome task and one thing that you can do to reduce the time that you spend trying to get coupon codes is to subscribe for emails from your favourite brand or coupon site and every time that a coupon code has been activated you will receive the updates on email.

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