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Types of Industrial Paints Industrial paints vary. They are defined by their varied properties. The main difference will although remain to be the chemical composition. The components that constitute industrial paints are solvents, additives, pigments, a resin and in a few instances a diluent. Volatile organic compounds are sometimes used as carriers of solvent based paints. Water is the main component in water based paints. Other carriers might include chemicals such as alcohol and ethers. The main use of paint is to protect steel. The types of industrial paints are listed below. Epoxy This type of paint is used exclusively in aircrafts components. The main quality that makes it useful is its resistance to environmental degradation. Epoxy unlike most paints will last longer. This type of paint is also referred to as surface tolerant paint. Acquiring this paint is not easy as it is highly priced. The cost can reduce when the paint is obtained in variations. The over coating of this type of paint after aging is normally good. Epoxy can be used on top of other coatings. The paint is water resistant and can act as a good solvent. The paint especially the high performance type is susceptible to chalking by UV rays.
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Alkyds are primarily considered to be good decorative paints. This type of paint is however is poor when it comes to chemical resistance. The solvent level of alkyds is fairly high. The tolerance to poor surfaces by this paint is moderate. The effectiveness of the paint will therefore reduce when applied on poor surfaces. Alkyds have a big advantage which is their cost. Alkyds are cheap to purchase. The cost can also rise if one wishes to obtain customized alkyds. Acrylated rubber Acrylic is the main component of this paint, acrylic is a synthetic resin used in water based paints and high performance latex. It has low tolerance to poor surfaces. The paints form high build films that remain soft and susceptible to sticking. The best use for this type of paint is on water resistant surfaces. This paint has good results when applied to water resistant surfaces. Aging does not significantly affect the over coating of the paint. Polyurethane This type of paint is considered to be the best decorative paint more efficient than epoxies. Polyurethane distinct property is unsaturation. The paint is composed of a tough rubber like elastomer. Other constituents include hydroxyls and isocynates. It is among the best paints for water resistant surfaces. Other types of paints include organic and inorganic silicates. The silicates will however require special surface treatment before being applied. Black coating is also an industrial paint based on tar products.

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