The Essentials of Windows – Revisited

Posted by: headm on: October 31, 2015

How to Use Plantation Shutters To Lower Your Energy Costs It can be quite expensive to cool or heat your entire home. The fact is, the price of electricity is on the rise, and this has caused many people to look for alternative options to heat or cool their homes. The solution to your energy problem may actually lie in your windows. Here are a few reasons you should invest in a plantation shutter window treatment, to greatly reduce the cost of electricity in your home. When you have windows that have poor insulation, this can be cause for one of the biggest wastes of your energy, and will significantly raise your heating or cooling costs. Energy lost through windows is estimated to account for up to 35 percent of your heating and cooling bills. If you are trying to find the windows that are the worst in your home for insulation, you can hold up a flame or a thread to them to track the amount of movement in each window. Purchasing a window treatment, like plantation shutters, can be a great way to get back the money you are losing in your electric bill today. Plantation shutters are not only one of the most functional window treatments, but they are also one of the most visually appealing for your home. When they are custom fitted for your windows, they will provide your windows with an insulating air pocket between the glass of the window and the inside of your home. A form of measurement often used in the construction industry, the R-value, is an important measurement you can use to indicate energy savings and capability for insulation in your home. When you install plantation shutters in your home, the R-value nearly doubles in comparison to a regular, double-pane glass window.
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Although the investment can be a little costly if you think of it short term, the cost you are paying for plantation shutters really does pay off over time in the amount you save on your energy bill. An average home with 15 windows that have plantation shutter window treatments will save about 150 dollars a year. Within 15 years, these shutters will have paid for themselves in the amount of savings to your electric. You can also get up to a 30 percent rebate on the cost of your window treatments, if your shutters qualify you for an energy-efficiency tax credit. If you are considering a way to lower your heating and cooling bills, consider plantation shutters, they look great in your home, raise the value of your home and increase your energy efficiency. Invest in plantation shutters today, and watch your energy costs lower within the blink of an eye.

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