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Posted by: headm on: October 1, 2015

What is Glutathione? Plenty of people have already heard about glutathione but merely a few of them knows accurately what it is. It is a natural antioxidant created through all the living cells in the body and is present in every cell so as to survive. It is often referred to as the master antioxidant because without it, none of the other antioxidants can function correctly. As soon as its levels become low, other antioxidants like Vitamin C and E will not be effective. As a result of this, it is absolutely critical for the proper function of all the other antioxidants. However, in accordance to several studies, if glutathione pills and supplements are taken, they are digested but can never reach the bloodstream and other major organs such as the heart, lungs and brain as well as other tissues in the body that greatly need it to function for optimal health. One preference to increase the efficiency of using it is by way of intravenous injection or when a needle is placed in the vein, which can be painful, inconvenient and expensive. An additional way is to have a drug like the n-Acetyl cystine (NAC) but it often has worse side effects. In other words, sometimes the treatment can be even worse than the disease itself. Until now, several studies on glutathione have been published and showed that the molecule helps to protect people from the daily threats to health due to viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, carcinogens, radiation, environmental pollutants, the toxins produced from drug breakdown products, damage, and even precancerous cells. Once its levels become low, this will result to poor liver and kidney function. These can even be depleted as the body continuously tries to eliminate and neutralize toxins on a daily basis.
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People are exposed to stress, pollution, infection, poor diet, aging, radiation, drugs, injury and fatigue just about every day. These factors can result to glutathione depletion that can lead to cellular aging, disease and even early death. And this can happen specifically in the majority of very ill patients who usually have cancer, heart disease, chronic infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney problems, autism, asthma, arthritis, and most of the other degenerative diseases. Because it works like a molecular magnet, toxins stick onto it in order to be neutralized, travel to the liver, and carried into the bile and stool, to go out of the body. When you detoxify, glutathione level depletion occurs and you can no longer protect yourself against free radicals, infections, chronic illness, or cancer, so it is essential to replenish this vital molecule.
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Anybody can take advantage of glutathione to defend your body from many biological and chemical hazards. You can take Immunocal Glutathione, which is one of the answers to the problem of glutathione depletion. You will be at ease knowing that you have an option to fight those factors that threaten your body and health.

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