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Posted by: headm on: January 24, 2015

How to Shop for the Best Cutting Boards if you are looking to acquire a new cutting board, you are probably torn between which one is the most hygienic and one that is gentle on your knives. This is because there are a wide variety of cutting boards in the market ans are all made from diverse materials and in different shapes and sizes. Whether it is bamboo, glass, plastic and even wood, all these types of materials have their advantages and their downside. Every single one of the materials have their pros and cons that we shall be looking at below to help us in deciding which is the most favorable for use. The wood cutting board is top of our list. This is the most easily available type of cutting board. Its advantages include the fact that it is gentle on the knives and can be made waterproof by the application of oil thus keeps it safe from being destroyed. Closely related to wood cutting boards is the bamboo, which are considered to be superior to wood cutting boards owing to their ability to of being naturally waterproof. Meaning they are considered to be more hygienic than wood. However some people tend to think that their surfaces are hard on knives.
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The plastic cutting board is yet another type of the cutting boards. They are relatively cheap, easy to wash and their non-porous nature makes them favorite among many.
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Last on our list would be the glass cutting boards. These would be a perfect candidate for the ideal cutting board since it easy to wash, is not prone to wearing off caused by constant knife cuttings and do not harbor bacteria. In addition, they are very easy to wash and dry up hence bacteria do not stand a chance hibernating here. Cross-contamination of food is also unlikely when they are used. Their only disadvantage is that they are slippery and hard on the knives. Putting the above information into consideration, you may now go ahead and choose the type of cutting board that would go hand in hand with your preference. Nevertheless whatever your choice would be, you need to disinfect the board as frequently as possible and do away those that are spoilt. Sanitizing the boards is very important in order to avoid cases of food poisoning and doing away with bacteria that may have remained on the cutting board even after thorough cleaning. This kills all the bacteria that usually remains even after you have thoroughly cleaned the board. Finally, cross-contamination of food also needs to be avoided at all costs. This will also prove to be an investment in the case that a cutting board spoils and has to be thrown away.

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