The Essentials of Dealers – Revisited

Posted by: headm on: September 25, 2015

What to Look For in a Software Company You will decide that you want to talk to the prospect software company for your project only if you learned all the information you wanted regarding their expertise and principles of work. There are many sources to look for to find the needed information, e.g company’s website, references, portfolio, testimonials, ranking on software marketplaces, etc. You may search for the information about the team members. Once you have meet up for the first time, try to make each other comfortable, and then talk about the software project you have. The first person that might be sent to you during the first meeting is the consultant, who will act as your representative in their company. This person will be there to talk and listen to you. You must show signs that you trust them in completing your software project. This will prevent you from making unnecessary questions so you can proceed right away to the business. Below are the things that you look for in a good software company and a good consultant as well. #1 Respond to questions quickly. You are looking for a rich conversation, so is the consultant. If the consultant will respond to you quickly, it could mean that they value their time and your time.
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#2 The introduction is short and substantial. If you need details about the principles and vision of the company, the consultant should answer quickly and briefly. You need an answer that will enlighten you and help you determine if your principle coincide with theirs, and if they have the potential to develop and deliver a successful software project.
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#3 Business and technical insights. If the representative or consultant has been part of a successful projects in the past, he should be able to attuned with you for your questions. If you’re questioning technical questions, the consultant should be able to adapt or get the appropriate developer to answer your questions. #4 Must be proactive and understands your problems and goals. The consultant should not ask you to hire them cause they will handle everything, but instead he should ask you more about the problems so that they can design the right solutions for you. #5 He should be able to show multiple solutions for your problem. Whether your goals be clear or not, the consultant must be able to think of possible solutions for your goals. #6 Must have previous projects that is almost the same as yours. #7 Sharing of personal experience. They must treat you with utmost respect, positive attitude, care, and enthusiasm in finding the right solution for your business problems. In the first meeting, you should be able to know each other, so that you will know if both parties have the same point of views regarding work principles.

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