The Craze of Cat Videos

Posted by: headm on: November 8, 2016

Pay a visit to Twitter or Facebook and you’re likely to see a range of cat videos. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of funny cat videos located on these sites along with cute cat videos. This doesn’t even take into account the number of cat videos you’ll discover if you happen to visit YouTube. For reasons unknown, folks just cannot resist sharing a cat video once they come across one or more or possibly documenting their own kitty and sharing the recording with other people. The real question is exactly why do many wish to see these kinds of online videos? Just what exactly makes these videos so popular?

Dr. Radha O’Meara, a researcher based at Massey University of New Zealand, wished to know the response to this inquiry and then chose to investigate the issue. Her results could shock many. Felines, as with many items in life, simply do not mind when their particular human films their actions. The cats disregard the camera as they dismiss a lot of things they don’t have any curiosity about. Exactly what makes this so great to humans is it seems everyone would like to be on film today and also in pictures. Look at the number of videos folks put up on these sites and also the volume of selfies that can be found here as well as everywhere one visits. The particular disdain of this kitty gets the attention of people who have grown to be bored.

Visitors value the undeniable fact that the cat just does not care what is happening close to her or him because it makes it possible to get a glimpse of exactly what daily life could be like without the need for endless surveillance. It appears as if regardless of where you decide to go, a person is undoubtedly monitoring you, from Walmart to the escalator at the nearby workplace. The only site an individual will feel they are able to really be on their own is within the restroom and that is only for those that lack young children! The kitten lives everyday life as though nobody is watching and humans want to be able to do exactly the same, which explains why they like these types of video clips so much.

One more reason people love the cat videos a lot is they love to get a glimpse at the lifestyle of another without the need of bothering the one to be watched. Normally it’s not feasible with cats as they tend to be private and also untrainable. The video gives humans insight into these pets, who aren’t bothered by us doing so. Interesting results even though most will not care. They just like to watch the video clips as the felines are extremely lovable.

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