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Posted by: headm on: November 23, 2015

4 Tips To Help You Buy Singing Bowls Singing bowls originated from Tibet around 4,000 years ago. It is known that the Tibetan monks are secretly using these bowls. And even before the presence of Buddhist, there were already shamans who are practicing the use of the bowls. Through the sounds and vibration that the singing bowls create, it has been proven that our body and mind is affected intensely. The person can have deeper concentration with themselves because the sound of bowls are capable of easing and relaxing the mind and body. This has become possible by way of massaging the body through vibration and sounds of the singing bowls. Typically, 3 to 5 different metals were used in creating singing Tibetan bowls that are made in India and Nepal. On the other hand, some of the bowls that are more special are made using 7 metals. This is true especially for the high quality bowls. And you can expect that there are no two bowls that are made equally as each of it is made by hand. Many people are interested to buy one, due to the benefits that singing bowls can provide. The thing is, they are puzzled on how to buy one. To ensure that you can find the right one, you need to follow the tips to buy singing bowls.
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Tip number 1. Give yourself enough time to analyze the bowls and find one that you like most. Actually, some people call singing bowls as healing bowls as it is also known to heal the mind and body.
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Tip number 2. If you’re in a brick and mortar store, better test the sound of the bowl by simply striking it with a stick. The singing bowls are played using a thick wooden stick that is covered with a soft leather on the other end. You may either strike the bowl or rub the edge using the striker in order to produce the ringing and resonant tone to make the bowl vibrate. When struck, the sound has to resonate and last for several minutes with few layers of tones. Tip number 3. Say for example that you are shopping online, be sure that the website has audio clips of the bowls they sell. All good and dependable stores provide samples of the bowl’s audio clips. Tip number 4. Keep in mind, the smaller the size of the bowl, the higher the pitch of the sound it can create while bigger bowls are lower and heavier pitch. When buying singing bowls be it online or offline, follow these 4 tips to make sure that you will have the right purchase.

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