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Posted by: headm on: November 7, 2015

What You Can Do Early on to Catch the Eyes of College Sports Recruiters During the days of college recruiting, things can get incredibly competitive. It is important that you as a high school athlete, and your family understand this when it comes time for recruiting. You will want to take steps to make a game plan for college recruiting. One of the most important things to remember, is that college scholarships are not necessarily offered to the best athlete, they are offered to the best athlete the college knows about. Here are a few tips that can help you gain favor in the eye of the recruiters, and maximize your chances of getting an athletic scholarship. Academics are just as important to recruiters as athletic ability. Many colleges will not even consider an application with a grade point average that is lower than a 3.0 A good athlete can always practice with their coach to get better, but the same cannot be said for poor grades. It is much better for everyone to have an athlete with great grades and a good work ethic. Athletics, of course, is still an important factor. It is important that you keep up with your training, even in the off seasons. Coaches, in addition to looking for a great work ethic in school, are also looking for this in the athletic field, which means you need to train to be the fastest, strongest, and most flexible athlete possible. The athletes that get these athletic scholarships train during the off season, and even play in higher level club sports or play a second sport in school.
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Leadership skills are another key factor that recruiters are looking for in their athletes. Recruiters look for athletes that participate in clubs that can enhance their leadership skills, such as mentor programs, school tour guides, or ambassador programs. Another great way to catch the eye of a recruiter is to become a leader on the field, by becoming a referee or coach for youth sports.
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Many recruiters will also keep their eye out for those athletes who take care of their community by becoming involved in volunteer or charity based clubs. Be sure to keep a video documentary of your talents, as recruiters will always ask for this before they come out to see you play. Because they do not just take your word for it that you are good, they will not waste their time coming out to see you until they get a taste of what you can do. Following these tips as early as possible in your athletic career will help you to catch the eyes of college recruiters and maximize your chances of getting the athletic scholarship you have always dreamed of.

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