The Benefits of a Free Standing Wood Heater

Posted by: headm on: May 25, 2018

Wood heaters remain very popular in homes across the country. There are very few things that add warmth to the home, both literally and figuratively, as a wood heater. People love to gather around a fire, both indoors and out, and enjoy some quiet solitude or time spent with family and friends. However, this is only one of the many benefits of installing a free standing wood heater in the home. Following are some others individuals need to consider.

High Efficiency

Fireplaces allow for a great deal of heat loss, but this isn’t the case with a free standing wood stove. In fact, these devices have an efficiency rate as high as 82 percent, saving the owner money as soon as the wood heater is installed. In addition, heat output from a cast iron device is released slowly, as the heat can be diffused to provide a room temperature that is both ambient and comfortable.

Self Sufficiency

In the event power goes out to a heat source, individuals must wait for the energy provider to make the necessary repairs to get the heat running again. This isn’t the case when a person installs a free standing wood heater. As long as he or she has wood on hand for the device, heat may be restored immediately. A person who wishes to be self sufficient and less dependent on others will appreciate this benefit.

Renewable Fuel

The burning of wood is generally carbon neutral. The reason for this is the carbon dioxide produced by the burning of wood is approximately the same amount that a tree absorbs as it grows. In addition, wood that is left to rot in the outdoors emits carbon dioxide, so individuals who own a wood heater can feel comfortable knowing they aren’t doing additional damage to the planet.

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