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Posted by: headm on: November 2, 2015

Advantages Provided by Fax to Email Services Studies show fax machines consume about 200 billion pages of paper yearly in the United States alone. If a mere five percent of this number could go paperless with the use of fax-to-email services, up to 1 million trees would be saved in the same amount of time. Moreover, by faxing paperless, there will be less use of water and energy and less pollution as well. If ten percent of these faxes were paperless, we could save more than 700 million gallons of water and more than 400 million kilowatt hours of energy, and eliminate more than 6 million pounds of air pollution yearly. After knowing how paperless faxing can limit the number of trees cut, energy and water used, and the volume of pollution escaping into the atmosphere, you’re likely thinking how you can benefit from the technology on a more personal level. The most obvious is that you can now cut back on your fax-related costs. You won’t need to buy ink and toner cartridges, or pay a repair guy if your machine bogs down.
The Essential Laws of Services Explained
Then again, you have a lot more to enjoy from fax-to-email services than savings or environmental protection. Here they are: 1. Extension Versatility
Learning The Secrets About Options
Fax-to-email service providers know that people use many different computer programs everyday, so they allow clients to send different fax documents in various extension types. 2. Freebie Fax Pages If you love getting freebies from time to time, you’ll enjoy those free faxes that some providers offer when you purchase specific plans. 3. Directories Some fax-to-email services let you create contact lists for your many clients, enabling you to send a single fax to multiple recipients in one batch. 4. Constant Availability Certainly, fax-to-email services are always available. No busy lines! 5. Text Alerts With some services, you can enter your mobile phone number into your fax-to-email account, and you will get alerts each time a fax is sent to you. 6. Fax Logs Some fax-to-email services provide detailed logs of your fax machine transactions, such as what numbers were used, what times the faxes were sent or received, etc. 7. Keeping Your Old Fax Number You may have the option to port your present fax number to the fax-to-email service you choose. This is important if you specifically want to keep your old number after switching from traditional to online faxing. 8. Security If you use a fax-to-email service, you can be sure that your information is safe because it will travel encrypted. All service may have unique security features, but all of them are geared towards preserving the confidentiality of their clients’ data.

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