The Andi Dorfman Fashion And Style May Be Why Women Like Watching The Bachelorette TV Show

Posted by: headm on: April 16, 2014

If there was a contest on collecting husbands, then Andi Dorfman from The Bachelorette would definitely be winning.

This movie star, who is most notably famous for her Andi Dorfman fashion and style, has recently proposed to husband number 4. A representative for her may have confirmed with Yahoo that this all took place on Saturday and he, said yes to the proposal. Andi Dorfman fashion has been seen on The Bachelorette in many episodes in 2014 and has caught the attention of many young women.

The young actress may have brought her boyfriend, who is under 50, to Hawaii on his private jet. There he was able to cascade her with all sorts of different gifts, flowers, and chocolates because it was Valentines Day. He was then also able to pop the question to her because he felt the timing was right.

Afterwards, Andi Dorfman from The Bachelorette was able to have an interview with kitty cat and she said, she loves new shoes and stuff like that. She also went on to tell them that he proposed early in the morning after they had both watched the beautiful Hawaii sun rise. She also told them that she was not expecting this to happen at all. She explained the ring as being a simple, classic ring and promised to post pictures of it on a later date.

I guess we will be able to see how long this marriage lasts before Andi Dorfman fashion gets another guys attention and she has to try and find a new husband. If it is true that history repeats itself, then dont be too surprised if you here about a divorce coming after 2014 Bachelorette episodes with Andi Dorfman, but who knows, maybe they were made for each other, only time will tell.

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