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The Reasons to Have Plastic Surgery Done Plastic surgery is becoming popular but not because of beauty purposes even though that plays a huge role there are still many other reasons why this kind of surgery is becoming so popular. If you are interested in the different reasons why people under go plastic surgery besides beauty reasons then keep reading on. Plastic Surgery for Breasts When it comes down to plastic surgery having the breasts augmented is the most popular and common surgery. Many famous actresses and famous women come to mind when we think about breast augmentation but this surgery is common for more reasons than simply for beauty. The sales of implants for the breasts are going up alongside the rates of breast cancer. Having breasts is important for a woman but breast cancer is a serious illness that can cause women to lose their breasts if not their lives and if that happens they want to restore their own body and shape.
The 10 Commandments of Procedures And How Learn More
Women can surfer from server back pain and problems because of having big breasts and so these women will typically have their breasts reduced in size to help their backs. Women who have lost a lot of weight may suffer from breasts that are sagging due to having no more elasticity and to solve this they will normally have a breast lift procedure done to help bring their breasts back up.
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Facial Plastic Surgery Both men and women have reconstructive surgery done and this is a very common kind of plastic surgery. A common reconstructive procedure is the nose job or rhinoplasty and even though it is common for people to have this procedure done for cosmetic and beauty reasons but there are also many other reasons why people have this procedure done such as they may have an obstruction in their nose or a obstruction that is making it hard for them to breathe properly. Skin cancer can really ruin the skin and the appearance of the person suffering from it so it is important the when doctors remove it from the patient that they also perform reconstructive surgery at the same time to reduce the damage that the cancer has done so that the patient can look like their original selves before the cancer struck them. Palate repair and cleft lips are another common plastic surgery procedure that doctors have to do on patients. These complications and malformations are pretty serious and can even affect the ability of the patient to communicate and eat so as you can imagine this is a problem that people will go in to have fixed right away. Other Kinds of Procedures Reconstructive surgery is just another day on the job for a trauma surgeon because this is a very common procedure that will need to be done to patients suffering from some kind of trauma and that are the common procedures done for plastic surgery that are not beauty related.

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