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The Different Aspects of Sports Injuries Injuries that are suffered while practicing for a sport or playing a game are called sports injuries. These types of injuries can be caused by many things. Things that contribute to a sports injury include poor training, lack of warm up and concentration. If you play sports you should also remember to take care of your body in and out of the game. Stretching and eating right can help minimize the chance of injuries. Anyone can experience an injury. A sports injury can alter someone’s life both on and off the field. Performance can be lowered if the problem cannot be addressed. It is possible to have a minor or a severe injury. 2 to 3 days is the maximum amount of time a minor injury usually takes to heal. Minor injuries do not typically affect the long term performance of an athlete; however, severe injuries need a great deal of attention. A major injury can cause players not to be able to participate in future events. Both acute and chronic injuries are the medical terms used in these type of injuries. Acute injuries often happen while playing and may include strained backs or sprained ankles. The symptoms that are often associated with an acute injury include:
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Severe or sudden pain
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Swelling on or near the site Losing balance Loss of joint use Feeling weak in a body part A chronic injury is experienced when a sport is played without rest for long periods of time. Muscle and ligament tears are some of the chronic injuries that can be experienced. Symptoms may show themselves as: Pain that sustains the entire time you play Workout pain Aches while at rest Severe swelling Chronic injuries usually take longer to heal. The impact of the chronic injury will ultimately hurt your performance. If you experience pain or swelling while playing a sport you should stop as soon as possible. This pain and swelling may be a symptom of an injury and a self-test will help you determine the cause of your pain. If the pain continues you will need to enlist the help of a doctor. First aid should always be applied correctly and all injuries should be handled with care. Basic knowledge of first aid is essential for those who play sports. If you have swelling on an extremity, make sure to lift it above your heart to control swelling by reducing blood flow. It may also be necessary to use an ice pack on the affected area. Knees are often hurt in sports and remembering to land with a flat foot will help you reduce injuries substantially. In order to be successful a person play sports must stay fit. This is a large part of not experiencing an injury while playing a sport. It is essential to use warm ups and training sessions to keep performance constant.

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