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Posted by: headm on: November 3, 2015

Tips on How to Sell Your Car If you haven’t tried selling a car before, it can be an overwhelming experience. The following are tips that can help you make the best out of this transaction: Do your research. As a car seller, knowledge makes your most valuable asset. Here are some of the most important details about your car that you need to know:
The Ultimate Guide to Vehicles
* Year, make and model, VIN, factory paint color and date of manufacture
Why Cars Aren’t As Bad As You Think
* Is or was there an outstanding recall on the car? * What issues are common with the car, and have these been addressed? * How big is the engine’s displacement? * What is a typical price for this vehicle in the same condition? Book value hardly holds. There are many factors that can affect market trends faster than any static depreciation value can keep up with, and that’s the reason book values barely work. A car with a mileage of 50,000 can have a book value of $30,000, but may not sell for lower than $40,000 in drivable condition because demand has outrun supply. The reverse may also be true. Get the vehicle and vehicle service history reports. Showing the car’s current history and service history reports is a plus to your credibility and can jack up your selling price dramatically. Simply put, the move indicates that the vehicle was in good hands. If you got the car without a service history report, ask for a copy from your dealer or start keeping receipts for whatever work you’ve done personally. A little service history is better than nothing. Invest in car detailing. Filth is one of the first things that can discourage buyers from purchasing a car. Detailing is very important, but not necessarily in an expensive way. It may be enough to give your car a cheap hand wash, but a little detailing will give it that polished edge. And when you’ve completed the job, take a lot of pictures and get them online. Describe your car as honestly as possible. It’s best that you inform your potential buyer about all the issues that your car currently has. This is actually a strategy that can increase your credibility as a seller, and give the other party less opportunity to negotiate the price. Stay reachable. Be easy to reach. Whether your ad is posted online or offline, always leave a number. An email address is fine, but people usually want an immediate response. Let the buyer breathe. When a potential buyer comes to take a look at the car, just give the keys and stay back. You can start a conversation to establish rapport, but careful not to sound too impersonal. They may think you’re not that serious regarding your sale price.

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